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Notes and Comments

Unless otherwise noted, all listings are CB&Q. Some of the listings are also found in Train Shed Cyclopedia (Newton K. Gregg, Publisher, published variously in the 1970's), and as such, a cross-reference to those volumes will be found after the page number at the end of the listing (i.e.: TS#8, Train Shed Cyclopedia #8). Page numbers remain the same. Italics = Generic article with references to Burlington included.

Any additions or corrections to this index should be sent to: Chuck Zeiler.

Some of the information contained in this index was obtained, with permission, from STEPHANS' RAILROAD DIRECTORY.

KEY to Listing's Abbrivations Used

AR ARticle (text)
CD Construction Details (DD and/or PH)
CM Construction Method (text)
DD Detail Drawing
DP Detail Photograph
DS Diagram Sheet (railroad document)
FP Floor Plan
G G scale
H HO scale
LE Letter to the Editor
N N scale
O O scale
PA Product Announcement
PD Painting and lettering Diagram
PH PHoto
PH (ad) PHoto used in advertisement
PI Painting Information
PR Product Review
RI Roster Information
S S Scale
SD Scale Drawing
SP Specifications
Z Z scale

Key to Date Abbreviations Used

FA Fall (or Autumn)
SP Spring
SM Summer
WN Winter


Key to Periodical Abbrivations Used

AE American Engineer & Railroad Journal
AM Amtrak, car diagrams soft cover book
CB Car Builders Cyclopedia
CD Car Builders Dictionary
CE Civil Engineering
CL Car & Locomotive Cyclopedia
EX Extra 2200 South magazine
FL Fine Lines
FR Federation for Railway Progress
GW Great World of Model Railroading
LC Locomotive Cyclopedia
LD Locomotive Dictionary
LQ Locomotive Quarterly
LR Locomotive & Railway Preservation
MG Model Railroading magazine
MM Mainline Modeler magazine
MO Modern Railroads magazine
MP Model Transport magazine
MR Model Railroader magazine
MT Model Trains magazine
NG Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette
NM NMRA Bulletin
NP Northwestern Prototype Modeler
OR O Scale Railroading
OS O Scale News
PM Prototype Modeler Magazine
PT Passenger Train Journal Magazine
R& Railway Locomotives & Cars
RA Railway Age magazine
RC Railroad Model Craftsman magazine
RE Railway Mechanical Engineer magazine
RF RailFan magazine
RG Railroad Gazette
RJ Railmodel Journal magazine
RL Rail CLassics magazine
RM Railroad Modeler magazine
RR RailRoad magazine
RY RailwaY and Engineering Review
SG = Slim Gauge News
SH = S gauge Herald
SN = SN3 Modeler
TI = Trains Illustrated magazine
TR = TRains magazine
TS = Train Shed Cyclopedia