Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I see the Burlington Bulletin in the hobby shop before I receive it?

A: The majority of the Burlington Bulletin retail copies are shipped directly from our printer or delivered by a volunteer in the Chicago area. Neither have the space available to store the Bulletins while waiting for the membership mailing to be processed. We are doing it this way to save the society money which results in your low membership dues.

Q: When should I renew my membership?

A: Expiration dates are as follows: January lst, April lst, July lst, and October 1st. Thirty days prior to your expiration date a renewal notice is mailed. You have until 30 days after your renewal date to get your payment in. Thirty days after your renewal date your publications (mailings) are suspended. Sixty days (if no payment is received) your membership is considered terminated and the possibility of a new membership number and expire date will exist. If your renewal is received 30 days after your renewal date or later and we publish or mail during the period you are in a suspended status, you will need to purchase the published material on a back issue basis.

Believe it or not, 15 - 20 % of our members are renewing two to five months late. It is a cost we believe we should no longer bear. It allows some members to get one quarter of a year's membership gratis while others pay on a timely basis. Also, additional postage and processing costs add to our burden.

Q: Why am I charged Illinois Sales Tax on shipping? (Illinois Residents only)

A: Because the shipping and handling actual exact cost cannot be predetermined, it is considered part of the cost of merchandise sold and therefore is subject to sales tax if shipped into Illinois (i.e. from Iowa) at 6.25%, or, if shipped within Illinois (from LaGrange) at 8.25%. Please do not run us afoul of our Illinois tax obligation. Because the shipping is considered part of the goods sold, it is taxable and we pay Illinois tax on it. Please figure tax on total of merchandise and shipping/handling as we must remit to the State of Illinois. This issue is not new. We suggest you check catalogues like J. C. Penney, Land's End, Golfsmith, etc., and you will see many others also collect state sales tax on shipping to avoid running afoul of sales tax law. All have varying rules by state. We must collect or our members outside of Illinois will subsidize our tax liability which would be unfair to them.

Q: Can you help me with some information about someone who worked on the CB&Q?

A: Unfortunately, at this time, the BRHS is not aware of any employment records that have been preserved for the CB&Q. The CB&Q did archive its corporate records at the Newberry Library in Chicago, but most, if not all the employment records were destroyed after the Burlington Northern merger. We get many requests from genealogists, and at this time we have to disappoint all of them equally. We suggest that you browse the site and do searches on some of the online genealogy websites/organizations.