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EMD Model F9

The F-unit roster text by Jim Sandrin, from BRHS Bulletin #4,
THE GRAYBACKS ©1982 Burlington Route Historical Society

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The C&S wrecked 700D and FW&D 750A in two seperate accidents during September 1958. The units were rebuilt at EMD and emerged as F9-Am's. Internally they were still F7's, but they were now housed in F9 carbodies, with a 48" dynamic brake fan, carbody louvers with vertical instead of horizontal openings (and a fifth louver ahead of the front porthole), and a newer style stainless steel grills.

Click on diagram to see larger size.
Click on diagram to see larger size.
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On Sep 17th, 1958, C&S freights 77 and 78 met head-on at Chugwater, Wy, completely destroying the depot, C&S SD9 #828 and FW&D F7's 750A & B. Only 5 days later, C&S freight 77 again caused more mayhem, hitting passenger train #30 at Broomfield, CO, and destroying CB&Q E7 #9936B and C&S F7-A 700D.

  Both F7s were rebuilt with F9 carbodies by EMD, and were returned in March 1959. 700-D is shown here in Denver, CO, in May 1968...   ...and 750-A is here at Pueblo, Colorado, in November of 1968.


Number Blt. Date Serial # Description Disposition Disp. Date Notes
700D 3/59 25098 Rebuild from F7-A 700D Traded in on SD40 5/23/68  


Number Blt.Date Serial # Description Disposition Disp.Date Notes
750A 3/59 25099 Rebuild from F7-A 750A Traded in on SD40 5/20/68