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Remaining CB&Q Waycars

City State Waycar # Additional Information and Location
Chino Valley AZ   Replica of CB&Q 12588, private home, W of Hwy 89, 2 miles behind Safeway
Folsom CA   Wood, cupola, Chamber of Commerce, Depot, Sutter & Wool Sts
Northern CA   Wood, cupola, Jim & Kathy Marriott,
Boulder CO   Wood, cupola, Leo Hobeiz, N of jct. of Rt 7 & US 36, w/ coach & 2nd caboose, from E. Arapahoe
Buffalo Creek CO   No markings, ex-BN, wood, cupola, Sherman St, off Rt 126
Loveland CO   No markings, steel, cupola, NE-12, at closed flea market west of Loveland along US 34
Niwot CO   C&S, wood, cupola, 240 2nd Ave
DeWitt IA   US 30, several miles E of town
Dubuque IA   Wood, Dubuque County Museum, N side of town
Decatur IL   Wood, cupola, no trucks, 2541 Baltimore Ave, poor condition
Greenwood IN   Wood, cupola?, Bob Sedgewick?, (317) 885-9551, For Sale
Eudora KS   Wood, cupola, Cabin, Rose Acres, S of Hwy 10 at Wakarusa Bridge, W of town
Kansas City KS   Wood, cupola?, World of Fun Railroad, near Claycomo?, NE of city, along I-435
Louisville KY   As C6, steel, wide vision, Tailgate Party Caboose, behind University of Louisville Stadium
Westport MO   Wood, Harry's Bar & Tables (KC), Westport Rd & Pennsylvania St
Stevensville MT   Wood, cupola, blt 1923, Country Caboose, 852 Willoughby Lane, (406) 777-3145, from Pizza Parlor?
Florence NE   Wood, cupola, Omaha Rd Depot, 30th St & I-680
Lincoln NE   BN, wood, cupola, 134th & Pinelake Rd
Belvidere SD   No markings, wood, cupola, 1880 Town, with stock cars
Deadwood SD   BN, Cabin, near Terry Peak, For Sale
Phalba TX   Wood, Ranch, Location unknown
Elbe WA   Steel, streamlined cupola, Hobo Inn, 54106 Mountain Hwy East, (360) 569-2500
Port Orchard WA   BN, Stokes Auctions, Hwy 16, from Tacoma
Tacoma WA   Wood, cupola, Petticoat Jct Dance Shop, Green Acres Sq, 1755 S 108th St
Tacoma? WA   Wood, cupola, Milwaukee Freight House, Gone to?
Yelm WA   Wood, cupola, Town Square
Sheridan WY   Wood, cupola, N of Depot, 5th St
St. Paul MN 13500 BN 11445, steel, cupola, blt 1930, MN Trans. Museum, Jackson St Roundhouse
Galesburg IL 13501 BN 11446, steel, cupola, blt 1930, Galesburg RR Museum, Seminary & Mulberry Sts, (309) 343-1194
Eureka Springs AR 13508 BN 11453, steel, cupola, built 1930, Livingston Jct Guest House, Hwy 23, N of town
Keystone SD 13509 BN 11454, Black Hills Central Railroad, PO Box 1880, Keystone SD 57745, (605) 574-2222
Silverdale WA 13511 BN 11456, steel, cupola, blt 3/30, Location unknown
Creston IA 13513 BN 11458, Union County Historical Society, Adams St, block W of Depot
Wichita KS 13519 For Sale
Stillwater MN 13520 BN 11465, steel, cupola, blt 4/30, Class NE 10, The Freight House Restaurant
Red Lodge MT 13531 BN 10397, steel, cupola, in NP Paint, behind Red Lodge Visitors Center in NP Depot, 8th and Oakes
Elbe WA 13534 Steel, streamlined cupola, blt 7/54, Hobo Inn, 54106 Mountain Hwy East, (360) 569-2500
Dora AL 13536 BN 10402, steel, cupola, Mining Museum, with Alabama Central 28 steam locomotive & ore car
Atwood KS 13539 BN 10405, steel, cupola, Ol' Depot Store, Lake Rd & K-25, (913) 626-3114
Ayr ND 13543 BN 10409, steel, cupola, blt 8/54, Keith ?, owner, E side of town
Atchison KS 13544 BN 10410, steel, streamlined cupola, blt 9/54, Santa Fe Depot RR Museum/Visitor Info Center
Mandan ND 13545 BN 10411, steel, streamlined cupola, blt 9/54, North Dakota State Railroad Museum
Lincoln NE 13547 BN 10413, blt 1954, La Paloma Restaurant, 8th & Q Sts, from Imperial NE
Weldon IA 13549 BN 10415, Main St & Hwy J12, with Depot
Dalton NE 13550? BN 10416?, Rt 385 at 1st Ave & Rd 60, 1 mile N of town
Pleasanton KS 13551 BN 10417, blt 10/54, Linn County Museum
Snoqualmie WA 13553 BN 10419, blt 9/54, is 8082 Maple Ave SE
Fort Morgan CO 13559 BN 10425, steel, cupola, American Eagle Distributing, Ft Morgan CO 17199, County Rd D21
Brownville NE 13560 BN 10331, Main St & Hwy 136, with Depot
Union IL 13572 BN 10343, steel, streamlined cupola, blt 1960, Illinois Rwy Museum, Olson Rd., (815) 923-4391
Bridgeport NE 13575 BN 10346, Pioneer Trails Museum, Rt 385
Snoqualmie? WA 13581 BN 10352, steel, streamlined cupola, blt 12/60, Class NE-12a, Depot, Gone to Wenatchee, WA?
Clay Center NE 13583 BN 10354, steel, streamlined cupola, blt 12/60, Clay County Museum
Wibaux MT 13584 BN 10355, steel, streamlined cupola, blt 12/60, Pierre Wibaux Museum, East Orgain St
Jansen CO 13587 BN 10358, marked `30364, 1/89', Nick DeBono, Trinidad, owner, (719) 846-7657
Yates City IL 13588 Class NE-12A, CB&Q Depot Museum
Princeton IL 13593 Steel, wide vision, Depot
McCool Junction NE 13597 BN 10183, steel, wide vision, blt 3/64, CB&Q Depot, from York NE
McCook NE 13599 BN 10185, blt 3/64, High Plains Museum
Burlington CO 135?? No markings, ex-BN 115??, steel, cupola, Park, near I-70, very poor condition, ex-Rip Griffin, Limo
Barnum MN 13601 BN 10187, steel, wide vision, blt 3/64, Lucy Wells, (218) 879-1211, For Sale
Stanardsville VA 13602 BN 10188P, steel, wide vision, blt 1964, Heavenly, ex-Peoria/IL
Belden NE 13603 Village Park
Kansas City KS 13604 BN 10190, steel, wide vision, World of Parrots, River City, USA, Amusement Park & Boat Ride
Byhalia MS 13609 BN 10195, steel, cupola, blt 2/72, Henry Jr High School, MS 309, N of Downtown
Lincoln NE 13614 Lincoln Station/BN 10200, steel, wide vision, blt 1964, CB&Q Depot, Haymarket District, w/loco/cars
Pasco WA 13636 BN 10222, steel, wide vision, blt 4/64, Volunteer Park, with NP 1354 4-6-0 steam locomotive
Overland Park KS 13638 BN 10224, steel, wide vision, blt 4/64, Johnson County Community College
Joseph OR 13640 BN 10108, steel, wide vision, Depot Gardens Caboose Bed & Breakfast, from Pasco, WA
Jackson MO 13642 BN 10110, steel, wide vision, blt 9/67, St. Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern RR, (573) 243-1688
Galesburg IL 13645 BN 12534, ex-10113, steel, wide vision, blt 9/67, Children's Museum, Chambers & Mulberry Sts.
Eureka Springs AR 13646 BN 10114, steel, wide vision, blt 1967, Livingston Jct Guest House, Hwy 23, N of town
Medicine Park OK 13650 BN 10118, steel, wide vision, no trucks, blt 9/67, Happy Hollow BBQ
Oakdale CA 13650? BN 10118?/SERA 7004, steel, caboose-coach, blt 9/67, Sierra RR, Robert Steele, owner
Blodgett MO 13651 BN 10119, steel, wide vision, blt 9/67, Hwy H, 2 miles S of town
St. Cloud MN 13653 BN 10121, steel, wide vision, blt 9/67, Phillips Recycling, 251-5980
Lewiston? ID 13654 or Orofino?, BN 10122, steel, wide vision, blt 9/67, Camas Prairie Railroad Yard
Colorado Springs CO 13657 BN 10125, steel, wide vision, blt 67, Rock & Rail Scale House, Drennan Rd, from Trinidad CO
Yorkville IL 13670 BN 10138, steel, wide vision, blt 67, E Hydraulic Ave and Heustis St
Bruce? WA 13672 BN 10140, steel, wide vision, blt 10/67, Location unknown
Richmond? CA 13674 BN 10142, steel, wide vision, BNSF Yard, Sold 2008, Gone to?
Alliance NE 13675 BN 10143, steel, wide vision, blt 10/67, stored in BNSF Yard
Crete NE 13685 BN 10103, steel, wide vision, Doane College, 14 miles SW of Lincoln
Sixteen Springs NM 13688 BN 10106, steel, wide vision, blt 4/68, Cheryl Denny, (505) 687-3892, from Cloudcroft, NM
Ashland NE 13690 BN 10000, steel, wide vision, blt 8/69, Camp Carol, Joy Holling
West Fargo? ND 13697 BN 10007, steel, wide vision, S. D. Lenthe, Main Ave & 17th Ave East, Gone to?
Leadville CO 13698 BN 10008P, steel, wide vision, Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railroad
Alliance NE 13701 BN 10011, steel, wide vision, near High School, northeast side of town, (18th Street & Box Butte Ave.) W/CB&Q steam locomotive 719 4-6-0
Leadville CO 13703 LC&S 5012, ex-BN 10013P, steel, wide vision, Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railroad
Sequim WA 13707 BN 10017, steel, wide vision, blt 8/69, Red Caboose Get Away, W Sequim Bay Rd., 683-2712
Buffalo MO 13708 BN 10018, steel, wide vision, blt 8/69, Hwys 65 & F
Jones OK 13744 A. D. Jorgensen, 10409 E Memorial Road
Lincoln NE 13745 BN 11189, wood, blt 3/25, 120th & Pine Lake Rd
Oroville? CA 13765 BN 11190?, wood, cupola, blt 7/20, Class NE-9, private, Gone to?
Brush CO 13780 Brush Gun Club, US 6, just E of split with US 34
Wausau WI 13783 Wausau Insurance Company
Coyle OK 13798 Wood, Camp Fire Girls Camp Cimarron, Hwy 33, 1 mile E of Cimarron River Bridge
Krebs? OK 13799 BN 11202, wood, cupola, blt 1/20, US 270, E of town, Gone to?
Forest Park IL 13802 Frank Orloud, Location unknown
Cache? OK 13807 FWD 109, wood, cupola, Eagle Park (closed), Gone to?
Glenwood Springs CO 13808 BN 11173, Spring Valley, blt 12/18, Bob Boyle, Watersweeper & Dwarf Shop, 945-2000
Oklahoma City OK 13811 Wood, Farm, Deer Creek, NW of city
Yorkville IL 13818 Blt 12/18 at Aurora IL, Lyons Farm Village, Kendall County Hist Soc, Rt 71, 2 miles N of city
Mooseheart IL 13821 The Moose, Location unknown
Oklahoma City OK 13829 Wood, no trucks, N MacArthur Street
Fulda MN 13833 BN 11184, steel, streamlined cupola, Fulda Heritage Society, from Dassel, MN
Oklahoma City OK 13834 Wood, Farm, SW of city
Geneva IL 13849 No trucks, Location unknown
Council Bluffs IA 13855 Rails West Railroad Museum, 1512 S. Main St., (712) 323-5182, from Dodge Park, Council Bluffs
Jefferson WI 13858 Wood, cupola, Jefferson Cold Storage, Collins Rd. & South Ryan Ave., w/coach, from Ft. Atkins?
Golden CO 13862 Wood, end cupola, blt 1917, Colorado Railroad Museum, (303) 279-4591
Billings MT 13872 Ex-fake NP 3602, wood, cupola, Yellowstone Model RR Club, NP Depot,2404 Montana Avenue
Greenwood NE 13889 Tim Fleck, 15 Pleasant St, Greenwood NE 68366, (402) 789-3787
Sandwich? IL 13903 Blt Aurora IL 8/17, Fred Stahl, Rt. 1, Box 135A, Sandwich IL 60548, (815) 786-8170, Gone to?
Creston IA 13925 Museum Village, McKinley Park, Stone St
Peru IL 13926 BN 11136, built 7/14, Red Door Restaurant, Water St
Aledo IL 13929 Wood, cupola, Aledo Depot, SE 2nd Ave near Central Park, from Ft. Madison, Farmington & Western RR
Des Moines IA 13939? BN 11140, City Park, 5th St & Railroad Ave
Coyle OK 13949 Wood, Camp Fire Girls Camp Cimarron, Hwy 33, 1 mile east of Cimarron River Bridge
Plattsmouth NE 13952 Main St
Lewistown IL 13953 Boy Scouts of America, Location unknown
Littleton CO 13966 BN 11147, Burlington Route, blt 9/13, Art Depot, South Court Place
Mendota IL 13978? Private, W of town, Location unknown
North Freedom WI 14006 Class NE-1, Mid-Continent Railway Museum, PO Box 55, North Freedom WI 53951, (608) 522-4261
Denver? CO 14017 BN 11010, Neil L. Lampson Co, E 61st Avenue, W of Clermont, Commerce City, Gone to?
Grand Island NE 14038 Ex-CB&Q 127, wood, cupola, blt 1884, Class NE-1, Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer
Monticello IL 14042 Blt 1875, Monticello Railway Museum, (217) 762-9011
Union IL 14073 BN 11013, ex-CB&Q 222, wood, cupola, Illinois Railway Museum, Olson Road, (815) 923-4391
Mill Creek WA 14096 GN, blt 1894, The Mill, Mill Creek Apartments
Oklahoma City OK 14107 Wood, cupola, built 7/1878, Oklahoma Railroad Museum, Nebraska 34 & Grand Blvd, W of I-35
Tecumseh OK 14108 Wood, S. Rock Creek Rd., 1/2 mile M of Hwy 9/US 270, 3 miles E of Hwy 177, from Oklahoma City
Galveston TX 14118 FWD 107, ex-B&MR 21, wood, cupola, blt 1/1880, Galveston RR Museum, 123 Rosenberg Ave
Maitland MO 14120 BN 11025, ex-AN 6/BMR 23, wood, cupola, blt 1880, Depot, very poor condition
Douglas WY 14140 Blt 1884, Douglas Railroad Interpretive Center, FE & MV/C&NW Depot, (307) 358-9684
Mead CO 14148 BN 11029, ex-BMR 52, wood, cupola, no trucks, Boulder Scientific Co, Third St, w/BN 968137
Wilcox NE 14153 Burlington & Missouri River 57, wood, cupola, no trucks, built 11/1883, 6 miles SW of town
Arnold NE 14209 Private, Location unknown
Denver CO 14219? BN 11045?, wood, cupola, Highline Community School, 11000 E Exposition Ave, (303) 364-7657
Red River NM 14221 FWD 102, ex-B&MR 127, wood, no trucks, blt 1890, Bike Rental Office, Main St
Greybull WY 14232 BMR 144/BN 11048, wood, cupola, blt 4/1900, Museum, 325 Greybull Ave, (307) 765-2444
Brookfield MO 14251 BMR 163/BN 11052, wood, cupola, blt 1901, behind abandoned farmhouse ~2 mi north of K-12 complex on west side of Hook Dr
Danville IA 14262 BMR 174, Mike Engebretson, to be restored
Freeport IL 14264 Silver Creek & Stephenson 14264, ex-St. Joseph & Missouri/Hannibal & St. Joseph 101, blt 1889
Hannibal MO 14284 Hannibal & St. Joseph 124, wood, cupola, blt 8/1884, Archie Hayden, 16 Wellman Ave
Canyon TX 14333? FWD 103?, wood, cupola, outside braced?, near I-27, N side of town
Warrenville IL 14351 Class NE-1, St. James Farm, Winfield Rd and Rt. 56, restored
Stillwater OK 14352 No markings, wood, N Washington Ave, 1 block W of Boomer Lake Water Tower
Long Grove IA 14353 Wood, end cupola, Walnut Grove Pioneer Village, 18817 290th St., Long Grove, IA, 52756
Pine CO 14359 BN 11091, wood, end cupola, Pine Valley Rd, Jefferson Co. 126, E end of town
Humboldt NE 14360 Village Park
Decatur IN 14375? BN 11092?, wood, cupola, Back Forty Junction Restaurant, Cletus Miller, owner
Virginia City NV 14379 Wood, cupola, Bed & Breakfast?, near V&T Depot, from Rancho Cordova & Folsom CA
Newcastle OK 14386 Wood, farm, NE of town
Belvidere SD 14424 BN 11118, wood, cupola, 1880 Town, w/stock cars
South El Monte CA 14444 Wood, cupola, blt 6/10, Class NE-6, Jack Karnes, 10316 Enloe St
Medford OR 14446 BN 11125/6?, wood/cupola, Class NE-6, blt 1910, Medford RR Park, Berrydale Ave, ex-Ashland OR
Mendota IL 14451 Wood, cupola, Union Depot RR Museum, w/ CB&Q 4978 2-8-2 steam locomotive, from Ottawa IL
Mundelein IL 14497 BN 11007, Soo Depot, Fort Hill Heritage Society, Noel & Courtland, from West Chicago IL
New Prague MN 14534 Wood, cupola, blt 12/1871, Gopher State Railway Museum, County Rd 21
Oswego IL 14537 R. Mitchler, 7542 US 34, N of road, E of Bristol Ridge Rd
Green City MO 14540 BN 11066, wood, cupola, QO&KC/CB&Q Depot, poor condition
Yorkville? IL 14546 BN 11069, wood, no trucks, Lyon Farm Village, Kendall County Historical Society, Rt 71, Gone to?
La Moille IL 14570 CB&Q 191, wood, cupola, blt 1878, Blackhawk Chapter, National Railway Historical Society
Beatrice NE 14581 BN 14581?, ex-BN 11075, wood, cupola, Beatrice County Historical Society, Location unknown
N Henderson IL 14582 D. E. Bost, Location unknown
Lisle IL 14584 CB&Q 208/BN 11076, wood, cupola, blt 5/1881, Class NE-4, Depot Museum, from Tinley Park IL
Essex MT 14602 CB&Q 235, wood, cupola, Izaak Walton Inn
Ashland NE 14605 BN 14605, ex-BN 11082, wood, cupola, blt 6/1885, private, I-80, near Mahoney State Park
Wheaton IL 14627 BN 11085, blt 6/1888, Cosley Zoo, 1356 Gary Ave, w/ C&NW Station
Lincoln NE 14634 BN 11086, ex-St. Louis, Keokuk & Northwestern 157, wood, 100th & Yankee Hill Rd
Quincy? IL 14646 Quinsippi Park, Cannot presently locate
Niwot CO 14649 Wood, Whistle Stop Park, 1st Ave and Murray St., from Boulder CO
Batavia IL 14662 No markings, ex-BN 11107, wood, cupola, blt 5/07, Depot Museum, Water & Houston Sts
Chester? IN 14672 No markings, ex-BN 11111, wood, cupola, blt 5/07, from Chester & Richmond, Indiana
Chicago IL 14684 BN 11115, wood, cupola, blt 5/07, Jasper Sanfilipo, owner, from New Haven KY, Location unknown
Cassville WI 14699 Wood, Stonefield Village Depot, Governor Dewey Nelson State Park
Greeley CO CS 10583 Wood, cupola, Colorado Model Railroad Museum
Piedmont OK CS 10649 Steel, to BN 10649 to SPKM 10649 to DRMX 10649, Red Rooster B&B, 15830 NW Hwy
Wichita Falls TX FWD 101 Wood, cupola, Griffith's Antiques, US 287 on west side, also boxcar, chair car and diner
Piedmont OK FWD 166 Steel, to BN 11766, Red Rooster B&B, 15830 NW Hwy
Melrose IA FWD 182 Steel, City Park